"Nike Vendela must be a mermaid. “Pull me in,” she begs in her impressive debut single, but her siren voice will pull you in—like a sailor to a lovely, watery death."

 - The Wild Honey Pie

"Pull Me In is a beautiful piece that showcases the stunning euphonious haunting-like vocals of Nike Vendela. The song thrives on ambient, floating elements that never settle and elevate the presence of Vendela’s vocals. Pull Me In is for the playlists."

- OurCulture Mag

"Just like her stage name, “Pull Me In” is beautiful and stunning. Its delicate approach masks the song’s complexity. Dream-pop, dream-folk, and shoegaze intertwine to cast a spellbinding melody that leaves you gasping for breath while creating the feeling of levitating." 

- The Revue

"Pull Me In" is the stunning debut single form Swedish Singer-songwriter Nike Vendela. Now based in LA, Nike explains that she was in a contemplative mood when she wrote the song. "I wrote it during a time where I felt very lost and I was re-evaluating what I wanted in life," Nike explained. "I think a lot of us are in the same boat so it seems like a great time to release it." - Best In New Music

"Pull Me In’ was inspired by warm Los Angeles sunsets and long drives down PCH. However, with its enveloping saga of virtue and passions, the understated single, gazes past your vision, with unadulterated honesty and musical effervescence." 

- comeherefloyd

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Photo by @juliakokernak